Jun. 29th, 2009

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So here's the skinny: I started writing this Spock/McCoy story called "Heal Thyself," and I still absolutely adore the idea, but it's expanding in about eighteen new directions since I started writing it and I hate the title and there is no way the thing is going to be finished in five parts, so I'm restructuring the story and posting it in the same manner as my other (sadly neglected) WIP, which means one scene at a time, no beta, no crossposting, just whatever spills out of me that day. I'm editing and reposting the first two parts right now, and I'll make a note when new material starts appearing.

Without further ado:

Blue (1/?). Spock/McCoy, Amanda, ensemble. All parts here.
The Vulcan's eyes narrowed a fraction; Bones read that as disapproval, tried to summon some measure of feeling, and completely failed to give a damn. "I have read your paper on the administration of inaprovaline as a treatment for cytotoxic shock in hominid lifeforms. Cadet McCoy, may I inquire—"

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Blue (2/?). Spock/McCoy, Amanda, ensemble. All parts here.
Off to Bones' right, a slender woman attired in a vaguely foreign dress was strolling along the path. Her hands were clasped behind her back—the posture stirred an echo of memory—and she looked to be admiring the spring jonquils.

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