Feb. 10th, 2009

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Please steal?  Recs are of the good.

Pick and rec one random fic from at least five of your favorite fandoms. Then, explain why.

Dragonball ZIf Skies Should Fall by Halfpenny (Goku/Videl)

Maybe it was best that Goku disappeared when he had.  This, like so many of my favorite fics, has a sort of lyrical melancholy to it.  The prose is gorgeous, and Halfpenny takes a real-world idea - the disintegration of marriage - and applies it to the most unlikely of characters.  Goku/Videl is not a ship I ever thought I'd read; this story is just that good.  Oneshot, probably in the PG/PG-13 range.

NarutoDuty Before Honor by SilverShine (Kakashi/Sakura)

Sakura knew why Tsunade didn’t want a virgin on this mission. Things might get out of hand. Acts might be carried out too far. She was glad Kakashi was accompanying her, but right then she wouldn’t have minded the entire population of Konoha.
  I'm almost ashamed to admit how much I love this story, and how much it satisfies my kinks - there's madly-in-love-but-tortured Kakashi, there's innocent-but-still-strong Sakura, there's lots of emotional tension and an ultimately satisfying ending.  Although the plot could be straight out of a Harlequin romance novel, the story really is very well written, and there's awkward!sex to boot.  Complete in 19 parts, borderline R/NC-17.

Buffy the Vampire SlayerQuick and Bitter, Slow and Sweet by Miss Murchison (Spike/Tara)

Multiple Personality Disorder!Spike, Spike/Tara, with Spike and Dawn, and Tara and Dawn friendship and bit of Spike/Buffy and Spike/Willow angst.  I resisted the idea of reading Spike/Tara for quite a while, but Miss Murchison's Spike/Buffy fiction is so excellent that I finally gave in.  (I'm pretty sure the author does the best job of writing soulless Spike outside of the Barbverse, which is high praise indeed.)  And wow, am I ever glad I gave this story a chance, because not only does it offer an opportunity for two of the more maligned characters in S6 to have a healthy, loving relationship, it also makes it seem as if Spike and Tara fit in ways not possible with their previous lovers.  Also, I love how Spike and Tara look out for Dawn...and a very small, very petty part of me is glad to see Buffy and Willow brought low.  Complete in four parts, R.

Angel the SeriesI Don't Know Where I'll Be Tonight (...) by spuffyduds (Faith/Wesley)

So she picks up postcards from concrete-dinosaur diorama museums, crappy goofy-golf establishments. Writes a town name, drops it in the mail.  There are a lot of reasons why this ranks as one of my favorite stories for what is quite possibly my OTP to end all OTPs, not the least of which is the perfect Faith voice.  I'm also a sucker for any story that offers a happy post-series ending, and yes, this probably belongs more in the BtVS category, but by classifying it as AtS I'm not technically cheating.  ;)  Oneshot, PG/PG-13.

X-MenBlind Sight by Valerie Jones (Gambit/Rogue)

This is the sequel to "Thick As Thieves". As Operation: Zero Tolerance turns into a full-fledged mutant hunt, Remy must use all of his resources to keep the X-Men safe while they search for a way to bring Bastion down.  *FLAILS*  I DON'T EVEN HAVE WORDS FOR HOW AMAZING THIS STORY IS.  Seriously.  It's that good.  If I had to pick one favorite fanfic of all time, it would probably be this fic.  Seriously.  It's that good.  The sheer scope, and the characterization, and the way it ties in to canon, and oh, Remy...I don't even have words.  Work in progress, currently at 61 chapters, probably PG-13/R.

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Stories that I should write, but probably won't. Grr argh.

Five things that never happened to Kate Bishop and Billy Kaplan.

Billy/Penny - "How long have you been in love with me?"

This Wes/Faith story:

there's a hole in the world. feels like we ought to have known.

She makes art from his body. She takes the raw material of his flesh and bends it to her will, cracks open his skin as a painter cracks open a fresh tube of oil paint, molds his face with her fists as a sculptor shapes wet clay. His pain matters because she enjoys it as an inevitable side effect like charcoal on her fingertips and because it is a reflection of the tempest she carries within.

As is the right of the artist, she sets her mark on him.

As befits a work of art, he is silent until she gives him voice.

"Still haven't heard you scream, Wes," she says, and steps back. There's a cocky jut to her jaw as she admires the way the reds blend with the black and the blues; wide sweeps of scarlet down his neck and chest deepening to a rich crimson on his flanks, the lovely flush of an indigo bruise on one cheekbone -

He shifts, then, and looks at her, and mouths, "You never will," but there is screaming, there
is, she can hear it, it's choking her ears and

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Also, this even stranger Kate story, R-rated, set in some post-apocalyptic future... )
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A wee Usagi/Mamoru drabble, set sometime in the first season.

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