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X/1999; Sumeragi Subaru

Subaru likes dead things. Seishirou always said that dead things were boring, that they had no value to entertain, that they in fact had no value at all beyond the purely aesthetic. In his more lucid moments, though, Subaru thinks that Seishirou didn’t value for anything but beauty, so that’s okay. It’s okay that’s he’s curled with a corpse in his bed, because the corpse is pretty, or at least it will be until the eyes rot away. Subaru’s always been partial to amethyst, and Kamui’s purple is the prettiest.

Twilight; Jacob/Bella

Jacob thinks that maybe he doesn’t really love her. Because if he loved her, he would leave her, if he loved her he’d leave her to her love, her one true soulmate except he doesn’t. He still shows up on her doorstep every Saturday with a pizza and a movie – lately it’s been Monty Python – and he still trails behind her on the beach and he stills keeps her motorcycle in his garage. Because even though she has her vampire, she stills comes back to him.

He doesn’t need to learn how to stop loving; he needs to learn how to stop hoping.


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