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I haven't posted fic in weeks, practically, which is Not Cool, and here is rambling and an explanation and perhaps even a chance for you-the-reader to prod me-the-blocked in the right direction.

First: the Jocelyn McCoy story. I am stuckstuckstuck on this, probably because I'm not sure how this story wants to be told and I don't have a firm handle on Jocelyn's voice. I started out with this:

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And then I took that opening and revised it into this:

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Anyway, in the meantime (as inspired by a tinychat session), I got the idea of setting a Sheldon/Penny story in St. Louis. I've always wanted to do a story that closely ties the location with the rest of the story, and there are few cities I know so well as St. Louis, but now I am stuck on that too, because it's turned into something very difficult and nearly raw.

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All Sheldon/Penny, all for the prompt future.

My Sister's Keeper. Crossover with Star Trek XI. McCoy, Penny, ~650 words.

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Tomorrow Night. Crossover with Angel the series. Sheldon, Angel, ~300 words..

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Champagne. Sheldon, Penny, ~450 words.

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I am completely hyped up on coffee and term papers, and you know what's better than term papers? Sheldon's forearms. And hands. Really just that general arm-wrist-hand area.

That's right, I said it.

So with that thought in mind, I put together a picspam that is ostensibly of 2x16 "The Cushion Saturation," but in fact is an excuse to further examine Jim Parson's arms.

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MEDIUM: Television
FANDOM: The Big Bang Theory
SUBJECT: Sheldon/Penny
TITLE: Gravity Is Not Responsible
WARNINGS: None, unless delusional fanon speculation needs a warning.
NOTES: This thing is the first fanmix I've put together in years and was born of my ability to fit a Rilo Kiley song to any situation. Seriously, nearly half of this mix is Jenny Lewis being her awesome self - but really, how could "Science vs. Romance" not be a Sheldon/Penny song? Schmoopy sappy indulgent fluff with an overabundance of science references ahead.

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