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This entire thing should probably be prefaced with a brief explanation: Ever since I wrote this story, I've been desperate for some McCoy/Jocelyn fic. (Jocelyn, btw, is the name that most Star Trek novels give Bones' ex; I tend to go along with it, even if it isn't strictly canon, because "Jocelyn" can be shortened to "Joss" and that is a pretty fine name.) I'm not sure if this is inspired by Bones always wearing his wedding ring (at least, y'know, in my head canon) or a need to reclaim Jocelyn or what, but I'm kind of toying with the idea that they're still desperately in love, but for whatever reason couldn't make things work out.

Okay, so this is my awesome idea of the week: Lucy Lawless should play Jocelyn. I KNOW, RIGHT? I CAN'T BE ALONE IN THINKING THIS IS AWESOME.

I started re-watching Xena a couple of weeks ago because Karl Urban plays four or five separate characters over the course of the series, and I ended up watching a lot of Urbanless episodes because - well, let's call it what it is, because I want to have Xena's babies. (She! Is! So! Cool!) Anyway, the main character Karl plays is Caesar, and even though Caesar is basically The Face of Evil, my love for Caesar!Karl is only surpassed by my love for Bones!Karl and Reaper!Karl and, okay, maybe Cupid!Karl, because how can I not support any incarnation of Karl that runs around looking like this?

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Anyway, the story. For those of you who don't want to have Xena's babies aren't Xena fans, Caesar and Xena start out as lovers...kind of, but basically Caesar is using her because he wants to conquer the world. It's all very complicated, but the important thing is that we have Karl Urban running around in a skirt. Caesar stabs Xena in the back, they have a couple more run-ins over the years, he crucifies her, yadda yadda yadda.

Eventually Caesar is betrayed and killed by Brutus et al, but he manages to take the Fates captive and re-write history so that he and Xena are emperor and empress of Rome. Xena and Gabriella angst a lot and declare their love and finally Fix Things, but in the meantime we get awesome shots of Xena and Caesar being BAMFs together.

So the thing is - I can't ship Xena and Caesar in canon, because a) let's face it, Caesar is kind of a colossal douchebag and b) Xena and Gabrielle is so canon even I can't subvert it - if I have a femslash OTP, it's those two. So I'm seeing Star Trek as an epic opportunity for me to channel my Xena/Caesar urges in a productive direction.

(Of course, that then begs for a story where Jocelyn cheats on Bones with a hot little blond number, leading to the divorce...but I want happy Karl/Lucy Lawless! THEY ARE TOO HOT TOGETHER TO NOT BE HAPPY and I don't even care if that doesn't make sense or if Bones and Jocelyn are blatantly unhappy in canon, I will apply fanfic as I choose.)

Anyway. Jocelyn. Lucy Lawless. McCoy/ex reunionfic. It needs to happen.

I've also had another idea nagging me wherein Chapel is McCoy's ex. There could be awkward confrontations! Forced professionalism! An eventual reunion! IDEK, guys, I'm dwelling way too much on this. I might as well just write Kirk/McCoy and get it over with.
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