Jun. 14th, 2009

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Quick notes:

[01] I had the brilliant idea to track all new comments on Porn Battle, various drabblethons, and all four posts of the STXI Kink Meme before I went to bed last night. I came home this evening to 500+ messages sitting in my inbox, so clearly that idea was not nearly as brilliant as it seemed. Point being - if you commented with something important and I didn't respond, it's entirely possible that I deleted the notification from my inbox. If you told me something terribly important in the past day, feel free to metaphorically wave your arms at me to draw my attention to it. Apologies if I missed you!

[02] I'm trying to upload a batch of albums for the music meme, but my connection is being difficult. *kicks internet* Never fear!

[03] Porn Battle closes on Monday, and I'm going to try to churn out another batch of responses over the next two days. I pasted my reference list of prompts behind the cut; if there's something particular you'd like to see, feel free to comment. I make no guarantee that I will actually write whatever pairing/prompt/scenario you request, but neither do I guarantee that I won't. :)

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