May. 26th, 2009

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As per previous post, my RL kind of exploded over the past weekend; happily, the explosion included all sorts of fun happenings and graduations and family vacations. Me being the dedicated fan that I SO CLEARLY AM, I decided to get on not my computer in the middle of the night to lurk on the STXI kink meme.

And then it turned into, well, you know, I'm here, so I might as well write something, so I'm up in the middle of the night not at my home and not on my computer WRITING FOR A KINK MEME, even thought I have at least three projects that I swore I would finish before I started anything else (including what might be my first time co-writing fic - I've never tried writing a story with anyone else before, but [ profile] sinstralpride has promised to hold my hand the whole way).

And the worst part is that, in this story that I wrote in the middle of the night for a kink meme on someone else's computer with other people milling about, there is LESS THAN NO SMUT WHATSOEVER.

Also, I'm kind of sick. Anyway.

Since I am back at my home and, more importantly, on my own computer, and, most importantly, not in a place where it could come out that I spend my free time doing things like, oh, you know, trying to write gay smut and then missing the point, I am completely free to post this here without having to look over my shoulder every five seconds.

TITLE: Five Times Leonard McCoy Agreed with That Green-Blooded SOB
CHARACTERS: Spock/McCoy, Kirk
WORDS: ~1900
NOTES: Originally written for this prompt at the STXI kink meme: In TOS, McCoy was always the one grumbling about Spock and his Vulcan tendencies. In the alternate reality, it seems like McCoy and Spock might bond over trying to deal with their difficult mutual friend. I'd like a fic exploring the changed dynamics between the big three, especially Spock and McCoy! Ideally, one where Spock and McCoy find out they actually get along. There is, despite my original intention, no porn. I also realized after the fact that I didn't reference Uhura once, not even to explain away the Spock/Uhura relationship. Let's pretend that they had an amicable break-up and that Uhura's off having sexyfuntime with Scotty, k?
SUMMARY: A Vulcan, a doctor, and Jim Kirk walk into a bar on Betazed. Before and after that, some other things happen.

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