May. 12th, 2009

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A last bit of Trek flailing, and then I promise it's back to my regularly scheduled enthusiasm for TBBT and Doctor Who.

If this isn't the most awesome thing ever, I don't know what is. )

Also, I spewed this out last night at [ profile] popkin16, and I thought I'd repost it here in case the links are of use to anyone.

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Finally and as always, I'm here with a reminder of the REALLY IMPORTANT topics in fandom: Jim Parsons has sexy hands; everyone wants to tap David Tennant when he's holding a kitten; there is no universe where RuPaul is not the fiercest creature on the planet; etc.

In keeping with today's Star Trek theme, I'd like to take some time to talk about Spock. I think we can all agree that Zachary Quinto is attractive...

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...but I also feel it's important to remember that Leonard Nimoy was the original foxy Vulcan. Dax said it best.

DAX: I had no idea.
SISKO: What?
DAX: He's so much more handsome in person. Those eyes...
SISKO: Kirk had quite the reputation as a ladies' man.
DAX: Not him. Spock.

In honor of that, I bring you pictures.

Unfortunately, there's only one episode where Spock takes off his shirt. )


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