Feb. 8th, 2009

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TITLE: Schrödinger's Cat, Chapter 1
CHARACTERS: Sheldon/Penny, future Barney/Robin
NOTES: Crossover between How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, sort of late S2 for TBBT and early S4 for HIMYM. Really, really non-linear format. Um, future chapters to follow? I am horribly nervous about my characterization, so feedback is welcome.
SUMMARY: Sheldon, after a series of moderately traumatic occurrences possibly involving Penny and/or his dead father, moves to New York, starts undergoing therapy for Asperger syndrome and OCPD, and sort of gets adopted by the HIMYM gang. (In other words, crackfic/any excuse for a crossover!)

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Valentine's ficlet! For [livejournal.com profile] achtung_lynn, who wanted to know what Kate Bishop thinks of Valentine's Day.

This is all over the place. It's a fusion of about eight different story ideas that I tried to mash together, so it's pretty much a summation of every Kate plot that I've ever thought up. When I go back and read it I realize there are Kate/Clint undertones, which I don't mind, per se, although I think we all agree that Kate is so awesome she needs no pairing off. ;D Also, I really want to write Kate and Billy as BFFs, but I don't know why.

This is set in some alternate world where Civil War and Secret Invasion never took place (Clint's alive anyway), and the Young Avengers are off in college (I don't think I mentioned that in the story?), and Steve Rogers is alive and Mary Jane and Peter are married (I know I didn't mention that, it doesn't need mentioning, but assume that's the status quo anyway). Inspired in part by Tori Amos (could I get more cliched?) and Young Avengers Presents #6 (the Hawkeye issue).

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