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Blue (4/?). Spock/McCoy, Amanda, ensemble. All parts here.
"Hi, Daddy," it started, and his daughter paused to tuck a tendril of dark hair behind her ear. She was seven and bright and serious and unhappy.


There was a message from Jo waiting when he got back to his quarters that evening. It took him a couple of minutes to get it to play; there was some sort of fancy new encryption on it, and Bones was no computer jockey.

"Hi, Daddy," it started, and his daughter paused to tuck a tendril of dark hair behind her ear. She was seven and bright and serious and unhappy. "Hi. Mom said it'd be a few days 'til you got this, but we haven't talked since you left again, and I was startin' to miss you." Her voice was soft, the drawl he'd mostly eradicated from his own speech still prominent. "I'm on summer break now, which I guess you know, and mostly I'm around the house." She looked away and made a face. "You-know-who wanted to send me off to camp, but Mom convinced him to let me take music lessons—"

Bones hit pause and studied her face: The deep blue eyes set beneath dark brows so like his own, the round face, the thin nose of his ex-wife, and the generous mouth that was all Jo's. Her lips were prone to quirking, and even as a little bit of a thing she'd tended to bite at the lower one in concentration or consternation. He remembered all too well a time when he'd been able to swing her up and set her on his shoulders, remembered how it'd felt to wrap his arms around her little legs so she wouldn't fall off, remembered how she'd tug his hair and how sometimes a chubby arm would swing into view, pointing at the clouds or a jackrabbit or a frozen custard stand.

When she said I miss you, he heard: You left me. When she said You-know-who wanted, he heard: I'm unhappy.

He hit play again. "—down at the high school. I think I want to learn the trumpet, but they're giving singing lessons, too, and the teacher said she was gonna teach us about music on all sorts of different planets! Like Tellar, and—" She scrunched her nose. "And Andoria and Vulcan, I guess. I told her that my daddy was in Starfleet and that he'd been to all those places." Something compressed in Bones' chest.

"An' you know Bobby Sagan, he lives across the street? He was teasing me about Maynard again, 'cause he said a rabbit was a sissy pet, so I told him I could take him in a fight any day, and he laughed at me, and then I walloped him and he ran home crying." Her eyes brightened, and finally, finally, she gave a little grin, advertising the new gap in her upper teeth. "Mom told me that I shouldn't hit anyone, but I told her I wouldn't apologize because Bobby deserved it."

Well, it was good to know she was actually his kid and not the milkman's. There'd been a time when he would've found the thought humorous, but now it was only half in jest.

"Oh," she said, and the grin slid off her face. "Mom took me to Nana and Poppa's graves yesterday. We brought 'em flowers—some daisies and some of the big yellow ones Nana liked, I don't remember what they're called. I pulled a bunch of weeds, and I brought my report card along to show Poppa. I figured he would've liked that, so..." She trailed off.

"Anyway. I've gotta go soon, but I hope you're doing good and that Captain Kirk didn't get beat up again or anything. Have you seen any Klingons yet?" Bones had wondered when the Klingons would come up. "I wanted to write you a real letter, but Mom says that's expensive to mail to a spaceship, so maybe you could send me a recording back? If you're not too busy." She glanced off to the side. "I've got my first music lesson now, but I'll talk to you later, Daddy, and I love you a lot. Bye now." The message froze just as she lifted a hand to wave.

"Love you too, sweetheart," Bones said back, even though there was no one around to hear him. He sat and studied his daughter's face for a long while; then he got up and went to look into requisitioning some paper.

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